At Andrew Kerr Care creating living, community and care moments have always been a priority for us.  Our lives are made up of many moments and we recently asked family members of Andrew Kerr residents for feedback about their moments with us . . .

Can you please give an example of when you have been “delighted or wowed” by Andrew Kerr Care?

There are a number of times when I have been wowed by Andrew Kerr Care. None more so than when a staff member offered to take my mum to see a doctor in her own time.

Are you willing to enthusiastically recommend us and why?

I would recommend Andrew Kerr without reservation. The staff provide an outstanding level of care and kindness to the residents.

What is the most important thing about Andrew Kerr that you would like us or others to know?

The staff at Andrew Kerr obviously have a genuine vocation for caring. It’s comforting to know your loved ones are so well looked after in their old age.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought both opportunities and challenges to all of our lives – how do you think we have managed so far?

Andrew Kerr has done a magnificent job during these difficult times. Alison and Stella in particular have done a sensational job on the front line by managing and admitting visitors. Being able to continue visiting our loved ones despite the obvious issues has been hugely comforting for both the residents and their families.

Thank you very much to Chris. Both of his parents live at Andrew Kerr Care . The last word from Chris – “Getting old is a bugger and being well looked after is of paramount importance.”