At Andrew Kerr Care creating living, care and community moments has always been a priority for us. This has been a challenging time for everyone in the community and our priority is on the wellbeing of our residents, clients, staff and volunteers.  

“I would just like to send a big thank to all the amazing staff at AKC.

The first year Mum made her new home at AKC went like a dream. Moving house is a huge event in anyone’s life, but I would think more so when one is in their mid nineties. However, everything was fantastic, right from day one (and even before then when Richard was always so happy to answer many questions with great patience). Not only did everyone offer and deliver wonderful reassurance and support to mum, but to all of her family.

This was so appreciated.

It was extremely important to us, her children, to be able to see and be with her at any time during this settling in time.

We have always been made to feel so welcome from day one. Thank you.

Then as we entered the second year in March, the dreaded COVID-19 appeared throwing everything up in the air!

It has been during these past five (5) months I can really see the strength, teamwork and total commitment that AKC has put into (and continues to do) guiding, making tough decisions and focussing at all times what is best for residents, staff and families.

At all times, I have always felt reassured and comfortable with everything that has been put in place. Thank you.

Being able to have regular in-room visits with mum over these past months has been wonderful and allowed us to almost carry on as usual. So many other Aged Care Facilities closed down entirely, so I certainly count my blessings I still had the opportunity of seeing mum. The on-going communication via email every two weeks has been outstanding.  Thank you.

Now we have our “window” visits and even they are a success. Lots of laughter, plenty of warm clothes and some funny conversations using the mobiles is an experience that works well. 

I sometimes can’t help having a chuckle when I compare that Ad on TV when ‘mum’ has the phone on FaceTime talking to her ‘daughter’ and we only see her ear!

How many times mum and I have FaceTimed and I often get a nose, one eye or the top of her head! But at 97, I think she’s brilliant. Thank you for making all this happen.

So I would just like to finish off with a big cheer to everyone and look forward to this crazy time in our lives to be over soon, and life returns to normal.

Warm Regards”

– — Family Member of AKC