Jo shares her living, community and care moments with Angelia Dixon, CEO at Andrew Kerr Care. 

Where did you grow up Jo?

In Port Melbourne, for 20 years until I got married.  I met my husband Ray while ice skating at the Glaciarium.* Ray was a dye sinker and engraver.  I lived in Mt Eliza in the same house for 60 years. 

What was the most memorable event in your life so far and why?

The birth of my son Stephen, he was an engraver as well.  He brings our dogs, Bella and Penny when he visits.   

Hey Jo, why do you have so many (stuffed) dogs in your room?

Because people keep giving them to me, so I keep collecting them! 

What was your first job?

It was during the war, in an aircraft factory in Fisherman’s bend.  I sewed the fireproof fabric that was used to wrap around the fire tankers of the aircraft. 

What are you knitting today?

I’m knitting a jumper, I’ve been knitting since I was 5 years old and my mother taught me.  I knit jumpers for a store in Mt Eliza (called Windmills and Roses).  They buy the wool and I knit the jumpers. It takes me about 10 days to knit a jumper. 

Do you have a favourite song?

Not really, I like classical music.  The entertainment from Billie and Tony were great yesterday at Andrew Kerr. There were so many people there! 

How long have you lived at Andrew Kerr Care and what do you most like about living here?

I’ve been here about 18 months and I feel secure, the attention, the staff are really good.

(*) The Melbourne Glaciarium also known as the Glaci opened in 1906 and was only the second indoor ice skating facility built in Australia after the Adelaide Glaciarium. At the time the Melbourne Glaciarium was opened, it was the 3rd largest indoor ice rink in the world. The rink closed in 1957 and was soon demolished.