• 11 NOV 13

    Staff Health and Wellbeing

    As part of Andrew Kerr Care Ltd’s commitment to providing a healthy work environment for its staff, Management, in conjunction with Worksafe through a grant, have implemented a Health and Well Being program.  This program will include the following:

    • Two Mental Wellbeing sessions—staff will be taught techniques for building stress resilience
    • Healthy Eating Session—A dietician will explain the importance of taking time to choose foods
    • Cooking Demonstration—A naturopath will show how to create healthy snacks to lose weight in a healthy way
    • Monthly Health Information Flyer—providing health tips
    • Quarterly Newsletter—topical information, evidence based recommendations, hints and tips for healthy living
    • Bike Racks to be purchased for storing bikes to encourage staff to ride to work
    • Gym Equipment will be purchased for staff who would like to work out before or after work.
    • Fruit Boxes will be provided for staff during the course of the year


    We hope that Staff will take full advantage of this program and their health and wellbeing can be maximized as a result.