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We offer a range of services including Residential Care,
Home Care, a Day Centre and Respite Care.

Andrew Kerr Care has achieved successful accreditation in all standards and outcomes since the introduction of the Aged Care Act in 1997, our most recent accreditation was received in May 2018.

Since 2012, Andrew Kerr Care has received a Better Practice Award from the Accreditation Agency. Andrew Kerr Care has won the State Catering Innovation of the Year Award, won National Cleaner of the Year Award, awarded the Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Excellence in Business Award for Health, Well Being and Personal Service, and was a Finalist in the Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Excellence in Business Awards for Community Contribution.

On-site facilities include commercial kitchen and laundry, games areas, hairdressers, coffee shop, library, small courtyard areas, cinema, craft room, private dining areas, chapel and large entertainment area.

Residential Care

There are four residential areas with accommodation for up to 117 residents across four units; Mornington, Sorrento, Flinders and Red Hill. The Mornington Unit is located on the ground floor. Sorrento is located on the first floor and Flinders on the second floor. Red Hill is closed and undergoing refurbishment.

Each floor has its own centralised dining room and lounges with tea and coffee making facilities, and accessible bathrooms specially equipped for the aged and people living with a disability.

Most rooms at Andrew Kerr Care are furnished and include a flat-screen TV and free WiFi. Residents are welcome to provide their own furnishings and decorative items.

Residents appreciate our in-house kitchen, laundry, cleaning and maintenance services. Additional contracted services are available and include podiatry and physiotherapy. Other amenities include a chapel, library, computer room and hairdressing salon.

For information regarding Residential Aged Care, please visit the My Aged Care website – www.myagedcare.gov.au

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Home Care

We have a highly committed team that ensures each Client receives the services identified as needed through comprehensive assessment and discussion.

Home Care packages are planned and co-ordinated care packages established to support people to remain living in their own home for as long as possible. The packages are designed for each individual and are based on that person’s needs and goals. Services we can help with include personal care, meal preparation, continence management, mobility aids and equipment, transport, cleaning and laundry services, therapy services and social activities.

Andrew Kerr Care Home Care is supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Entry and assessment for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme are through My Aged Care, an identifiable entry point to the aged care system for older people, their families and carers.

Learn more at www.myagedcare.gov.au or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422

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Day Centre

Our Day centre service helps maintain the well-being and independence of those who still live at home. We provide day respite for carers who need the time to get something done.

The Day Centre operates under the Wellness and Reablement approach. This approach aims to promote independence and capacity building to support clients to continue to live within their local community.

Our aim is to work with our clients to help them stay as active as possible for as long as possible. We have a ‘doing with’ and not a ‘doing for’ approach for all of our clients.

Clients wishing to access the Adult Day Activity Centre don’t need a referral. Our Day Centre service operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Respite Care

If you’re providing support to an older person living at home, your wellbeing is just as important as theirs. Carers need to take care of themselves also. So if you need to get things done or take a break for a while, we have you covered.

Andrew Kerr Care offers a respite service to help you maintain yours and their independence, happiness and health. They will be in good hands while you are away taking care of business or enjoying a well earned break.

Respite residents are short stay residents who usually stay for a two to four week period. Each person is entitled to nine weeks respite per year. Respite assists the elderly still living in our community and enables carers to take a much needed break.

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