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If you’re providing support to an older person living at home, your wellbeing is just as important as the person you are providing care to. Carers need to take care of themselves also. So if you need to get things done or take a break for a while, we have you covered.

Andrew Kerr Care offers a respite service to help you maintain yours and their independence, happiness and health. They will be in good hands while you are away taking care of business or enjoying a well-earned break.

How it works

Respite residents are short-stay residents who usually stay for a two to four week period. Each person is entitled to nine weeks of respite care per year. Respite assists older people living in our community and enables carers to take a much-needed break.

Please contact us to organise respite care for your loved one or client. It is best to book respite care accommodation as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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