At Andrew Kerr Care creating living, community and care moments have always been a priority for us.  Our lives are made up of many moments and we recently asked family members of Andrew Kerr residents for feedback about their moments with us . . .

Can you please give an example of when you have been “delighted or wowed” by Andrew Kerr Care?

 All my interactions with daytime staff have been positive over the past 8 months. In particular, Carley, the Head Nurse, took time on numerous occasions to reassure me and update me about how Mum was feeling either with a phone call, email or directly. She even sent a photo of Mum smiling and having a lovely time during a Mother’s Day activity. All the carers show genuine care for Mum and are never too busy to smile and greet me when I see them which is usually daily under normal circumstances. The leadership is also exemplary and the communication with them is open and transparent at all times. Even though they are all engaged actively with various roles and tasks, they make the time to give feedback and offer support. It is such a positive experience at Andrew Kerr that at times I feel like they are part of the family!

Are you willing to enthusiastically recommend us and why?

 I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew Kerr to anyone who requires their services. From the initial contact with Richard, the Manager, and throughout the recent challenges related to Covid-19, Andrew Kerr have excelled by maintaining the safety and care of residents and family consistently. The respect they show to everyone is commendable and consistent. There is a positive morale amongst the staff overall, which then transfers throughout the centre to the residents and the families. 

What do you think is our biggest challenge to overcome as we create living, community and care moments? 

When an organisation has high standards and enjoys success, the overall vision and values which are important to everyone, need to be maintained as growth and expansion continues. This will take intentional effort and a moral compass which guides every decision. I have confidence that the current leadership has the capacity to succeed at maintaining its high standards by ensuring all staff communicate openly and respectfully.

What is the most important thing about Andrew Kerr that you would like us or others to know?

We appreciate all the planning you put into making the best decisions which ensures positive outcomes. We are grateful that you put residents at the forefront of your decision making as well as considering the needs of families and staff. Relationships are vital for personal well-being and Andrew Kerr values this by demonstrating strong leadership, recruiting skilled staff carefully and providing a loving environment for people who are in a more vulnerable stage of life.  We certainly have made the right decision by entrusting you with our Mother.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought both opportunities and challenges to all of our lives-how do you think we have managed so far?

Any organisation that enjoys success during such a challenging time, deserves recognition and Andrew Kerr has met the benchmarks in all that matters. The sense of community has strengthened even more than I expected. This season of being isolated has not been overly stressful due to the processes that were put into place in such a professional manner. Most importantly, the care and love which was felt at this time was amazing.

Thank you very much to Bernadine, who is a daughter of a resident and who kindly shared moments about her mum with us. Bernadine says she is currently missing teaching because she made the choice to stop entirely in order to protect everyone at Andrew Kerr. She is also missing her mum who she was used to visiting at the same time every day. Her visits, she says help her mum feel more secure and less anxious. This can lead to more medication, which she has never had to take before, despite living with dementia. Reflecting on getting older, Bernadine says relationships are so vital, support and care from others is critical and we must all do all we can to stay well and healthy.