Naomi shares her living, community and care moments with Angelia Dixon, CEO at Andrew Kerr Care. 

1. Where did you grow up Naomi? 

In Sydney until I was 13 years old, Melbourne until 15, Perth until 17, then back to Melbourne. Which was on the opposite side of the city from my school friends, so we had weekends together at each other’s homes.  Dad was promoted to a State Manager at Penfolds which was why we moved around.  Dad was a Warden during the war. 

2. What was the most memorable event in your life so far and why? 

Being on the committee of V.I.E.W (Voice, Interest, Education of Women). This position led to me holding different position and 10 years of involvement with a lovely group pf women and knowing we were part of 40,000 other women in Australia belonging to VIEW. Our goal was to help The Smith Family and we had the chance to change legislation on things that were important to us. 

3.  What was your first job? 

I was a Secretary and Receptionist in Perth with a business that made and sold fridges.  One morning when I was there alone, I sold three fridges – to the delight of my boss.  I just repeated what I’d heard the salesmen saying to customers.  

4. Do you have a favourite song? 

“I’m on the top of the World” by the carpenters 

5. Why is community important? 

I like having other people around each day knowing help and company are there if needed.  I enjoy hearing other people’s life stories. 

6. What do you like about living at Andrew Kerr Care? 

Pleasant. Safe atmosphere.  Gentleness and thoughtfulness of caring staff.  Great meals with plenty of choice.  Variety of activities.  Respect of privacy.  Freedom to come and go. 

7. Can you please tell everyone about the children you mentor from the Mornington Primacy School? 

I spend time with two (2) girls each week.  I am mentoring two (2) girls this year who are 6 years old.  Both girls like drawing more than looking at books as did the 8-year old’s I mentored last year.  We chat while they copy pictures in their books.  When I try to get them to read a few words, they really struggle but they don’t want me to read to them either!   

One of the girls likes playing games for example, Noughts and Crosses and loves to make up her own versions!   

I’ve told them all about my own grand-daughter who doesn’t speak but ‘signs’.  One of the girls last year were keen to learn to ‘sign’ their names and learn the vowels. I take my iPad with me sometimes and the girls would pick it up and say, “selfie time” and we’d have another photo! 

They all have new families, like younger brothers and sisters and they say the crying baby annoys them! One of the 6-year-olds helps her mother with the baby at night as she explained to me her mum is not well. 

I love being with them, they are so cute! I have some drawings from all of them that I keep inside my wardrobe doors.  One of the girls will suddenly throws her arms around me if she sees me in the playground and I really love that! 

Last year, I mentioned to the one of the young girls that ‘she was a great at drawing and when she is older, she may like to like draw comics for people to enjoy.’ 

 She said to me “would I get enough money to help the homeless?”