Meg shares her living, community and care moments with Angelia Dixon, CEO at Andrew Kerr Care. 

Where did you grow up Meg?

I was born and brought up in Castlemaine, a small town in Victoria with an early Goldrush history. My paternal great grandfather of Cornish descent was one among the gold-seekers and later settlers in the town. 

What was the most memorable event in your life so far and why?  

Meeting my husband Hal & finding our shared interests as well as a difference or two to provide balance. 

What was your first job?  

I worked as a senior tutor in the Clinical Biochemistry Department of Melbourne University. 

Do you have a favourite song?  

I find it hard to choose between the Goldberg variations of G.S.Bach and Franz Schubert’s final piano sonata as favourite music. My favourite song is Ailero from Songs of Auvergne. 

Why is community important?  

Community is important for providing mutual support between people and for giving order in our lives. 

What do you like about living at Andrew Kerr Care?   

I especially like the care shown and given by the staff to the residents & they all help provide the orderliness of the place.