Lindsay and Joan share their living, community and care moments with Angelia Dixon, CEO at Andrew Kerr Care.  

Lindsay is a resident at Andrew Kerr Care and Joan lives next door at Morven Manor. They have been married for nearly 63 years. Joan visits Lindsay every day.  

Joan and Lindsay where did you meet each other? 

Lindsay’s mum and my mum worked together at Holeproof in Box Hill.  Lindsay’s mum always wanted me as her daughter-in-law.  Lindsay was an only child and I was 15 years old when we met, and Lindsay was 17.  I worked as an Usher in the theatre in Balwyn on Whitehorse Road.  This cheeky boy came and offered me chocolates with his phone number on the back of the box!  I thought he was too forward, so we didn’t go out then!” explains Joan. 

“One day Joan came to see my mum and I was in the sunroom and we just started talking,” says Lindsay. 

What was your most memorable date? 

“In those days we were over at Lindsay’s mum’s place a lot.  My parents weren’t that keen on Lindsay to start with.  He built them a sunroom and a garage,” says Joan. 

Lindsay explains that he asked Joan’s father for permission to marry Joan.  He bought a ring from Dunkling’s in the city.  “What is most memorable is that we married on Joan’s 21st birthday on the 26th of January, Australia day 1957.” 

“We were married in the Presbyterian stone church in Whitehorse road Box Hill. We have 3 children; 2 girls and a boy, 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild, with another on the way. I am loving this time of my life,” says Joan. 

Lindsay, what do you love most about Joan? 

“She’s just a dammed angel!  I like everything about her and have done from the day we met.” 

Joan, what do you love most about Lindsay? 

“He’s very kind, always has been, the backbone of the family.”  

Lindsay added: “ I worked 7 days a week, 2 jobs in the building industry and delivering milk to shops.  Joan brought up the children.” 

Lindsay and Joan, what do you like most about Andrew Kerr Care? 

“This way of life has worked out well, with me next door in Morven Manor and Lindsay here at Andrew Kerr Care.  I come in whenever we want and I love the old people,” says Joan 

“There’s nothing I dislike about Andrew Kerr Care.  The room, my bathroom is marvelous, staff are absolutely fabulous to me.  The day nurse is exceptional, she looks after everybody, every little need is met. Fay is more like a grand-daughter to me, MaryAnne is so kind,” says Lindsay 

With 63 years of marriage, what advice would you share with other couples? 

Lindsay says that all marriages have their ups and downs.  The best thing is communication and compromise on both sides. 

“Just be yourself,” says Joan