Jack shares his living, community and care moments with Angelia Dixon, CEO at Andrew Kerr Care. 

Where did you grow up Jack? 

South One Turner, Victoria before I went to the war in 1941. 

What was the most memorable event in your life so far and why?  

WWII. In particular time spent in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea when we had to push the ships out. * *

What was your first job?  

At 14 years old, I started as a Motor Mechanic and then joined the Navy.  

Do you have a favourite song?  

I like music in general, but I don’t have a favourite.  

** The New Guinea campaign of the Pacific War  lasted from January 1942 until the end of the war in August 1945. Five Australian divisions were employed in New Guinea, as were a great part of the Royal Air Australian Force and most of the Royal Australian Navy. Today this contribution has been largely overshadowed, like most other aspects of Australian history, by the dominance of Gallipoli and Kokoda.