Joan shares her living, community and care moments with Angelia Dixon, CEO at Andrew Kerr Care. 

1. Where did you grow up Joan? 

Until I was 12 years old I lived at Ashford, a very small town just below that dip in the map on the NSW/Queensland border. My father was the Shire Engineer. It was a very happy childhood but World War II (WW2)  intervened and, in 1942, Dad joined the Air Force. The house went with the job, so Mum and I moved to Sydney, NSW to live with her mother. It was there that I went to secondary school and university. 

2. What was the most memorable event in your life so far and why? 

The end of WW2, 15th August 1945 has been the most memorable event in my life so far.  Why?  The war had affected me less than it did many other families but the end of the war meant a return to a more settled life for everyone. 

3.  What was your first job? 

I was an industrial chemist at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) at Botany, NSW doing routine analysis on caustic soda. It was here that I met my husband, Laurie. We have been married for 64 years and he is also living at Andrew Kerr Care. 

4. Do you have a favourite song? 

I can’t think of any particular song except, perhaps, “The Ballad of High Noon” as my husband and I saw the film when we were courting. I like folk music and country and western, which takes me back to my childhood in Ashford. 

5. Why is community important? 

I feel that people are, by nature, social animals. You need to be part of some sort of group, to be aware of the people around you, to contribute and accept. 

6. What do you like about living at Andrew Kerr Care? 

The staff. Without exception, they are caring and capable and friendly and are now my friends. When we first came to Mornington I joined an exercise class at Andrew Kerr Care and I enjoyed the happy and relaxed atmosphere. I decided then, that when I needed residential care; this is where we would come. Besides, it is just around the corner from where we lived.