At Andrew Kerr Care creating living, care and community moments has always been a priority for us.

This is a challenging time for everyone in the community and our priority is on the wellbeing of our residents, clients, staff and volunteers.  We have implemented a number of new actions above our normal protocols to keep everyone safe. 

Our goal is to minimise the risk of exposure and prepare to respond to the possibility of an outbreak.

Expert resources supporting our action plan include: 

Our action plan covers :

  1. Communication to staff, family and friends based on expert resources regularly
  2. Outbreak management resources, protocols and training
  3. Additional cleaning program
  4. Restricted visitor times with symptom checking and hand hygiene before entry
  5. Additional diversional therapist time to reduce social isolation
  6. Practising social distancing where practical
  7. Redeploying staff to critical roles
  8. Workforce management including contingency planning
  9. Suspension of Volunteer and external entertainment programs
  10.  Education specifically for infection control management
  11. Stock management and review of supplies including personal protective equipment

We are also updating our residents, staff, families, and friends regularly based on the Department of Health recommendations for aged care providers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you require support during this challenging time.  Our expert and experienced Seniors Leadership Team at Andrew Kerr Care include Holly (Quality Manager), Richard (Facility Manager) and Deepak (Director of Care)

Thank you for your ongoing support of Andrew Kerr Care. 

Angelia Dixon | CEO | Andrew Kerr Care