At Andrew Kerr Care creating living, community and care moments have always been a priority for us.  Our lives are made up of many moments and we recently asked family members of Andrew Kerr residents for feedback about their moments with us . . .

A little about me and my mum . . .

My mother has been a resident of Andrew Kerr Care since January 2019.

At present, I miss being able to take her out for that extra hot skinny flat white at Via Boffe Cafe, or have her to stay with me over the occasional weekend but that’s what COVID 19 means.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Andrew Kerr Care has been outstanding, balancing the social and emotional needs of the residents with the need to comply with Victorian Government restrictions.

I’m so impressed with the cheerful greetings as the visitors line up to have temperatures taken, fill in forms and are taken to have their hands washed. 

Happy faces in difficult times.

I am more than happy to recommend Andrew Kerr Care to any family who is looking for an excellent and caring Aged Care Home for someone they love.

All the staff are caring, knowledgeable and very professional and do more than they are tasked with, to make sure the residents and their families are happy and healthy and respected.

Special mention to Tracey, Richard, Mick, Stella and Alison among many others.  

Mum is really looking forward to the completion of the new building and to be able to walk on the wide paths and appreciate the growth of the gardens.



Family Member