Creating living, caring and community moments at Andrew Kerr Care is important to all of us. Not only do we strive to create these moments for the people we care for and the people who provide that care, but also our plants!

Plants are also living, require care and are just as important to the community in Mornington. 

The refurbishment of our historic Glenbank mansion will require substantial landscaping. Of course, there are numerous authorities, contractors and suppliers all providing best-practice services that will meet our needs and comply with all relevant authority, regulatory and statutory requirements but also our residents played an important role in helping us all to plan for the future gardens.  

When planning the future landscaping for Glenbank we had a long list to start thinking about including: 

  1. Soil composition and where the full sun or partial shade would be? 
  2. Who would be using the lawns and gardens, how would they use it and would we need spaces for entertaining for example? 
  3. How could we create a link between the ‘different rooms’ of our landscape design? 
  4. How will our plants function in the design? For example, borders or shade 
  5. Visually how we would like our gardens to look including colour, texture and scale? 
  6. How will we protect our future gardens like having resource-efficient plants and consciously managing water? 
  7. How do we respect the heritage of Glenbank? 

A sneak peek at some of the ideas that we have discussed so far:

  • Cabbage Tree or Cordyline australis, commonly known as the cabbage tree, or cabbage-palm, is a widely branched monocot tree endemic to New Zealand. It grows up to 20 metres tall with a stout trunk and sword-like leaves, which are clustered at the tips of the branches and can be up to 1 metre long.
  • Seaside Daisy or Erigeron karvinskianus is a very popular fast-growing perennial ground cover. Producing masses of dainty white flowers that age to pink for most of the year, this plant will brighten up every position we use it in.  
  • Ground cover Rosemary or Rosmarinus officinalis prostrates is an evergreen perennial and is useful to train over fences, rockeries and raised beds. It is an attractive ground cover over time with its fine, leathery foliage and sweet flowers. Rosemary ground cover provides scented foliage which helps minimise weeds and is an excellent foil for other dry landscape plants. 
  • Hen and Chicken or Echeveria elegans, is an elegant classic. Also known as White Mexican Rose, Mexican hens and chicks and Mexican Gem. The lovely flower-like rosettes can in time become a virtual carpet of pale blue. It’s easy to grow, and forms offsets quickly and can make a wide carpet of the rose-like rosettes. 

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