Volunteers bring their passion, local knowledge, skills and dedication to Andrew Kerr Care. Our volunteers have a rewarding experience and make a difference to many people’s lives.  Want to join us?

Please meet Jinny, a volunteer at Andrew Kerr Care.

How long have you been volunteering at Andrew Kerr Care Jinny?

I began volunteering in May of 1999, so about 20 years! 

What have you learned about Andrew Kerr Care? 

I have learned that the staff are exceptional in their care of the residents, and I have appreciated over the years how dedicated one has to be to work in an environment with folk with different needs. 

What tips do you have for people thinking about volunteering at Andrew Kerr Care? 

Fondness for the elderly, understanding of their different needs and a caring disposition.  

When was the last time you laughed really hard and why? 

When my brother made a rare visit to Australia and we were watching a comedy show on TV. His laughter is very infectious, and we were in hysterics! 

What is your favourite location in the world and why? 

I came to Australia late in my life so my favourite location will always be the country of my birth namely Zimbabwe, previously known as Rhodesia. Perfect weather and lifestyle and of course my friends and family and unfortunately none of them are there today.