At Andrew Kerr Care creating living, community and care moments have always been a priority for us.  Our lives are made up of many moments and we recently asked family members of Andrew Kerr residents for feedback about their moments with us . . .

Can you please give an example of when you have been “delighted or wowed” by Andrew Kerr Care?

Generally, the thought and effort put into special activities like celebrating birthdays and special events for example Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day. Everyone loves a party!

Are you willing to enthusiastically recommend us and why?

I would highly recommend Andrew Kerr Care because of the fabulous staff. There is a culture of care, patience, friendliness and helpfulness. Communication with relatives of residents is excellent and everyone is very approachable.  The investment and thought that has been put into the rebuild of the facility – so it looks very homely is first class.

What do you think is our biggest challenge to overcome as we create living, community and care moments? 

I see the challenge as being able to give the residents a sense of purpose, a reason to be excited about what is ahead for example, celebrations, activities, concerts, special visits and by creating a “buddy “atmosphere. Also, allaying fears of their loss of independence.

What is the most important thing about Andrew Kerr that you would like us or others to know?

The excellent staff at all levels.  The care and wellbeing of residents is paramount. The aim is to create a home away from home as much as is possible. The atmosphere is lively and engaging which is refreshing to see.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought both opportunities and challenges to all of our lives – how do you think we have managed so far?

Andrew Kerr Care has managed COVID-19 brilliantly and with care and thought and as little inconvenience as possible for everyone to stay connected and engaged but also safe.

Thank you very much to Julie, who is the wife of a resident and who kindly shared her thoughts with us. Reflecting on getting older, Julie says “acceptance of the ageing process is very difficult for both spouses and the perceived loss of independence impacts feelings of lack of trust. Helpful staff are knowledgeable in assisting with these issues.


Family Member