Ask most people how their oral health is tracking, and they may answer with brushing and flossing! You may find it surprising when the Australian Dental Association’s Oral Health Tracker reported that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in Australia. [Source:] 

Australian Dental Association’s [ADA] annual campaign, Dental Health Week is from 5th to 11th of August this year. The ADA wants to encourage the improvement of oral as well as general health of Australians every year through this 7-day campaign. 

Get your smile on track today with these 4 easy tips 

Maintaining good oral health starts with these 4 easy tips and getting these into your daily routine. 

  1. Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. 
  2. Clean in between teeth at least once a day with floss or an inter-dental brush. 
  3. Eat a healthy balanced diet and limit sugar intake. 
  4. Regularly visit the dentist for check-ups and preventive treatment. 

How can you get involved? 

  • Please spread the word : Please let your friends and family know that it is Dental Health Week and how easy it is to get your oral health up and running. 
  • Please share on your social media : Please share the 4 key messages from ADA on your social media using the hashtag #DentalHealthWeek because prevention through creating awareness is better than a cure. 
  • Presenting to your local community : You can download ADA’s resource kit here which will help you in putting together a presentation for your community groups or school. 
  • If you are looking for a dentist in your locality, ADA recommends using their free online dentist finder where you can discover ADA approved dentists and their clinics. 

Resources: Based on information sourced from the ADA website