It’s easier than ever to buy gifts either online, at local markets or at your favourite retail store. There is nothing like receiving a handmade gift! 

Our creative pursuits whether knitting, painting, sewing or cooking can easily be turned into a handmade gift. We can even make personalised gift-wrapping paper and a card! 

No matter what you decide to create, it will typically take time and effort to make it. When you’re finished you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment. On top of that, the person receiving the gift will know that you spent real time on it! 

Giving a gift that you’ve made doesn’t only help them, it helps you as well! Many of us rarely get the chance to bring out our creative side. At Andrew Kerr Care we are always exercising our creative brains to enjoy and participate in the monthly calendar of lifestyle activities.  

For inspiration, these are yummy choc chip cookies form the Andrew Kerr Kitchen, perfect for morning or afternoon snacks. A handmade gift you could try at home this Christmas.