At Andrew Kerr Care creating living, community and care moments have always been a priority for us.  Our lives are made up of many moments and we recently asked family members of Andrew Kerr residents for feedback about their moments with us . . .

Dear Management and staff of Andrew Kerr,

I would like to pass on my families and my sincere gratitude for the consummate level of care and planning that supports our father’s residency in Flinders ward.

My dad has now been a resident at Andrew Kerr for 2 years and we all can say we are glad that we made the decision to entrust you with his day to day needs. 

Dad has experienced a number of ageing health issues that have left him confined to a wheel chair but I have only heard him sing the praises of all who tend to his daily needs.

I see dad every week and have got to know quite a few of the carers and nurses and see firsthand their kindness and skill in keeping dad happy and occupied.

Their professionalism goes well beyond just doing the job and to single one out for extra praise would be unfair.

A couple of occasions in the last few weeks staff have shown Dad and our family great support with the loss of my brother and dad’s son.

One lovely nurse has made sure she calls back family members if dad has missed answering a call so we can keep in contact with him while the restrictions are in place.

If I find in future that my health requires that I need to live in a nursing home then I hope Andrew Kerr have a place for me.

Nursing homes need not only need outstanding staff but the management to ensure that standards are kept at the highest level and Andrew Kerr Care tick all the boxes.

 Thankyou all


Lindsay Wrigley

Family Member