At Andrew Kerr Care creating living, care and community moments has always been a priority for us. 

Angelia Dixon, CEO at Andrew Kerr Care says this is a challenging time for everyone in the community and our priority is on the wellbeing of our residents, clients, staff and volunteers.  We have implemented a number of new actions above our normal protocols to keep everyone safe. 

“This last month has seen a lot of change and uncertainty for everyone and our residents, staff and volunteers might have children and/or grandchildren who are anxious as well.”

Angelia recently included the story of Anne Parkinson in Andrew Kerr resident, staff and volunteer communications.

An extract from The Scarborough News, UK  about a 100 year old Scarborough woman, Anne Parkinson who has already survived one pandemic and a world war and says people need to “be sensible and help each other” to get through the coronavirus crisis.  

Anne was born in April 1919 during an influenza pandemic and just months after the end of World War 1.  

Anne with her 100th birthday cards Copyright: other


Her youngest daughter Dorothea said her mother is providing a reassuring presence during the current situation and has some wise words to share.  

“In these frightening times it is a real help to our family to know our much loved matriarch survived the last pandemic and a world war and is still here to be an example to us” she said.  Talking to her mother about the coronavirus outbreak, Dorothea said: “She’s been very philosophical about it.  As far as she is concerned, bad things happen and what we have to do is be sensible and not panic.  She says we’re all in the same situation and people just need to care about and help each other and love each other.  Things went back to normal before and they’ll go back to normal again.”

Wise words. 

Link to the original article in The Scarborough News

Please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you require support during this challenging time.  Our expert and experienced Seniors Leadership Team at Andrew Kerr Care including Holly (Quality Manager), Richard (Facility Manager) and Deepak (Director of Care)

Thank you for your ongoing support of Andrew Kerr Care. 

Angelia Dixon | CEO | Andrew Kerr Care