Mary shares her living, community and care moments with Angelia Dixon, CEO at Andrew Kerr Care. 

1. Where did you grow up Mary? 

I grew up in Noble Park near Dandenong and lived there between 10 and 12 years. I remember my family always had cats growing up and I am still very fond of cats. 

2. What was the most memorable event in your life so far and why? 

I never married, but at around 40 years of age, I was engaged to a lovely man. However, he suddenly passed away and this left me heartbroken for a long time. 

I met my late fiancé at a dance and near where I grew up. We danced the Pride of Erin Waltz.  We used to go to Scottish dancing nights together every Monday, which was very fun and great exercise!  

3.  What was your first job? 

My dad owned a poultry farm when I was young. So when I left school, my first job was working on the farm. I would feed the chickens, make sure they had plenty of water, collect the eggs and go into town to sell them to the local distributor. 

Unfortunately, my dad sold the farm prior to surgery, as he was not sure how well he would recover.  

I then got a job at Myer Melbourne, working at the food court service desk. Later I was promoted to being in charge of the very busy self-serve area, where I stocked the shelves every morning. I stayed at that job until retirement, receiving a lovely send-off, and then moving to Mornington to be closer to my sister. 

4. Do you have a favourite song? 

I love the Blue Danube and all classical music. 

5. Why is community important? 

My church friends take me out for lunch once a month and I find comfort in that community.   

6. What do you like about living at Andrew Kerr Care? 

I have been living at Andrew Kerr for 2 years, and I like everything about it!  All of the people are nice and I think, “Gee I got into the right place here”! I like the view from my room, which is of a wishing well and geranium pots. My room is covered in pictures, mostly of my sister and I from our childhood and a couple of us dressed up for special events when we were adults.